SMILE! The sun is shining, and you never know who’s looking!


A smile. The simplest of things. But it can change everything.

Wherever you go, you always carry a smile, it’s yours to use freely so why be stingy? If you are nervous a smile can relax you, and those who are looking at you. It can say “hello, I’m friendly” or “come and speak to me”, or even just “I’m feeling the joy right now!”.

It’s also your first piece of marketing. It can draw people in to interact with you, those who might have gone in a different direction.

Think about it. A smile is free. It’s portable. You always have it with you. And yet it can light up a room.

Try it next time you are networking, meeting clients or in a room full of strangers. Put on your brightest smile and share the love! Just don’t try too hard and end up scaring people off, RELAX!


FREE Starbucks! We have moved, so come visit us!



Seventy Miles South have upped sticks and moved ourselves to a lovely new location!

More central and easier to find, the new office is at 1000 Lakeside, prestigious dedicated office spaces just north of Portsmouth, for businesses that take themselves seriously, but who still want to work in an inspirational location.

We are so excited about this move that we will soon be announcing the details of our launch event, hopefully within the next month. There will be some delicious food on offer as well as a prize draw just for attending! So look out for more details coming soon!

There is a shiny new Starbucks on site, so why not take some time out, come and visit us and we’ll buy the coffee, tea or Chai Latte.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Seventy Miles South, Brand and Design Agency, New Website

Seventy Miles South, Brand and Design Agency, New Website

At last, our baby is LIVE! It’s taken a while, we’ve been so busy with our lovely clients, but our shiny new website is up and running 🙂 We’ve tried to ensure it reflects us, as an agency, and hopefully you’ll find it welcoming and friendly whilst wowing you with our creative genius! Take a look and get in contact, we’d love the chance to get together for a coffee.

No Safety Net

Let me share a little story with you…


Here is Jack; he is a little bored with his life. His job and his home life don’t challenge him particularly, but he just ticks along. Until one day he thinks it might be fun to start his own business. He gets an idea, it’s an ok idea, not groundbreaking or something that keeps him up at night, but it’s an ok idea. He still carries on with his day job, still sees the same friends, and not much in his life really changes. But every now and then he sits at the computer and works a little on his ok business idea. Time drifts on. He thinks that perhaps, if he’s serious about his ok idea, he should put some real thought into getting this thing going. Then before he knows it, months have gone by and the ok business idea has gone a little stale, a little old. He wonders whether or not it’s too late, his ok idea seems less ok, and more, well more like too much hard work. So that is the end of that. Jack goes back to his slightly boring life, with his ok job and his ok friends. And Jack is ok.


Now meet Jill. Jill’s world is about to get seriously upturned. She gets taken ill and her life is in danger. Thanks to the wonders of todays medical services Jill has treatment that saves her life. Literally. But, unfortunately for Jill, whilst recuperating from her illness her company do some “restructuring” and her job is no longer waiting for her. Now, Jill has skills that she has faithfully plowed into her job, experience that you can’t buy. But she is cast adrift. As there really aren’t many options available to her, Jill decides to start her own business; her second chance is not going to waste.


With the support of her family and friends Jill channels all of her energy into her new business, every day. You see she doesn’t really have any other choice. Her safety net has gone. The only option she has is to succeed. Every decision she makes is with the mindset of a successful businesswoman. If she hits a wall, she finds a way around it. If she needs inspiration, she goes looking for it. If she feels overwhelmed, she asks friends for help. She keeps going, never giving up. She can’t, she has no safety net.


And guess what, Jill succeeds. You’re not surprised are you?




Do you know what it is? Do you have it?


The kind of motivation that comes from having no safety net is the kind that gets it done. So if you feel like you are out on the wire with no safety net, harness that energy and don’t be paralysed by fear.


Having a safety net is great, but not having one can also be the making of your business.


Believe in yourself.